"As a man thinks" … so is he.
                      Proverbs 23:7

Apostle Bam Crawford Beverly "BAM" Crawford

Dr. Beverly "BAM" Crawford is Pastor and Founder of Bam Crawford Ministries, Bible Enrichment Fellowship International Church (BEFIC), Bible Enrichment World Media Outreach, Chosen Vessels a women's ministry and LAMPS conferences which are designed to provide teaching, fellowship, counseling, mentoring and training for leaders of this generation.

Dr. Crawford has devoted over 30 years to Biblical studies and teaching. Her extensive library consists of books, audio and video tapes on almost every major topic in both the Old and New Testament. God's favor has caused her to be a sought after and capable spirit-led speaker at numerous conferences, churches, seminars, colleges and talk shows.

God has placed Dr. Crawford in a position nationally and internationally to provide some of the essentials needed to train and share with God's people. Dr. Crawfiord serves as a Trustee with an international ministry. Additionally, her television ministry, "Turn It Around," internet website: www.bamcm.org; teaching materials; books, CD's and DVD's, her album's;"The Book of Life," and "The King is Coming Any Day" by "BAM" Crawford's Purpose, her latest books; "The Power of the Soul" and "Restoration of the Damaged Soul" are ministries that reach beyond the walls of BEFIC. Each medium is touching and changing lives locally and all over the world.

Dr. Crawford has three children ten grand and God grandchildren, which understandably provokes her to train and inspire this generation.

Beverly "BAM" Crawford D.D.

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